Embrace diversity and thrive as an organization

Here at Jennifer Brown Consulting, we’ve always been focused on unleashing the power of human potential, embracing diversity, and helping people—and organizations—to thrive.

Which is why, after years of channeling a combined 250+ years of experience to resolve some of the Fortune 500’s toughest challenges around diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging, we’ve decided to package our deep expertise in human capital and talent management into a unique training opportunity not currently available in this format anywhere else in the world.

We created the Jennifer Brown DE&I Practitioner’s Program and executive certificate to help new DE&I practitioners develop the skills and capabilities they need to succeed in their new role over the course of 3 months, so they can activate the talents of their organization’s FULL workforce and get the absolute best out of every employee upon successful completion.

Embrace diversity and thrive as an organization

What You'll Learn:

  • How to ground yourself as a DE&I expert

  • How to showcase your thought leadership

  • How to build relationships with key stakeholders

  • How to diagnose the current state of your organization when it comes to DE&I

  • How to use your voice on behalf of diverse talent at your company

  • How to identify future opportunities for change


  • Claire  Tse

    Senior Instructor

    Claire Tse

    Claire Tse is a Jennifer Brown Consulting strategic partner and client-based lead located in Reston, VA. She is known for using her expertise as a multi-lingual master Organizational Development Consultant, leveraging her passion of infusing social neuroscience to optimize team performance. Starting with “Why” organizations are experiencing people problems, she facilitates strategic planning to uncover root causal factors, then collaborates with clients to make solid decisions to elevate employee and manager engagement to optimize performance by achieve mission both efficiently and effectively via multiple solutions identifying the “What” and the “How” sequentially. Her well-received, results-oriented deliverables include an infusion of global cultural intelligence, emotional quotient competency, pipeline forecasting, identifying the ROI of Talent Development, and a solid communication plan with an end-goal of talent optimization.
  • Elfi Martinez

    Senior Instructor

    Elfi Martinez

    Elfi Martinez is a walker of several worlds. From inner-city Chicago to Wall Street to Hollywood, he has lived a life of eclectic and profound experiences that have honed a unique worldview and creative approaches to obstacles and opportunities. He cultivated his ability to create and communicate emotionally resonant messages while writing for television as a selectee to the prestigious Warner Brothers Television Writers’ Workshop and the CBS Writers Mentoring Program. Elfi develops his strategic and facilitation acumen as an independent Organizational Development Consultant – specializing in Leadership Development, Emotional Intelligence, Visioning/Business Development, and Diversity & Inclusion for nonprofits and Fortune 500 clients including Microsoft, T-Mobile, LinkedIn, GlaxoSmithKline, Capital One, NPR/PBS, The Red Cross and Education Pioneers.


  • Getting to Know You

    DE&I Practitioners are most effective when they utilize the strength of colleagues, and JBC is creating a cohort for you to engage with. This pre-module will offer you some of the foundational DE&I resources as well as an online "meet and greet" with colleagues around the globe. As each module is completed, additional resources will be unlocked for you.

  • Becoming an Expert

    The first step to becoming an effective DE&I practitioner is understanding what DE&I means to you on a personal level. Intrapersonal exploration will help you create an authentic and integral presence that invites the allyship necessary to move the needle. JBC will provide you with the tools and forums you need to maximize the impact of your DE&I story to build allyship at the interpersonal, group, coalition and organizational levels.

  • Diagnosing Your Organization

    The ultimate measure of DE&I success is behavior change. JBC will provide you with essential tools and methods to find out how DE&I lives in your organization and the core ingredients you must learn to balance to spark a sustainable culture change effort. Find out how to create urgency and leverage allyship to launch, build and sustain a successful culture change effort that maximizes the performance of your organization by attracting the best diverse talent and providing them with an inclusive workplace where they can thrive and innovate.

  • Crafting Your DE&I Strategy

    As a DE&I Practitioner, you will guide your organization towards enhanced engagement and talent retention with a well-crafted people-focused DE&I Strategic Plan with an Implementation Roadmap. Because there are different interpretations of "how all work is done by people," your DE&I Strategic Plan will encompass the why, what and how elements so there is clarity on behavioral performance expectations with the understanding of flexibility on how individuals will implement the initiatives.

  • Executing Your DE&I Strategy

    After your DE&I Strategic Plan is approved by the Senior Executives, intentional efforts will need to be made to clearly communicate behavioral expectations with measurable results. By clearly identifying performance expectations, at all levels, needed to efficiently and effectively implement the DE&I Strategic Plan, metrics can be assessed for achievement in concert with your organization's mission.

Bonus Material

Here are some added resources to help you succeed in this course:

  • Student Forum

    There will be a forum where you can interact with other students and the instructor.

  • Resource Library

    As a student, you will have access to a resource library which will include suggested reading material, podcasts, Jennifer Brown's speaking clips, and website recommendations.

  • Live Webinars

    At the end of each module, there will be a live webinar with the instructors and other JBC subject matter experts.

Registration for our Beta Cohort has closed.

Please email info@jenniferbrownconsulting.com to add your name to the waitlist for future cohorts.

DE&I Practitioner Program FAQs

  • How do I sign up?

    On the practitioners program website you will click sign up. Once you click sign up it will take you to the brief questionnaire. After you get approved to take the course, your card will be charged.

  • Is there an application process?

    Yes, there is an application that you need to fill out to determine if you are qualified to take the course.

  • Is there a payment plan available?

    No, we will not be offering a payment plan at this time.

  • What’s your refund policy?

    Full refund if refund requested more than one month prior to course start date. Only 50% refunded if requested more than two weeks prior to course start date. No refund will be given if requested within two weeks of the course start date.

  • What is the investment for this course?

    For our selected beta testers, the price for the program will be $5,000. After the beta program the course will be $7,500.

  • Do I have to be at a certain level with DE&I to participate in the program?

    Yes, the program is designed for DE&I practitioners who have been in the role for around 1-24 months.

  • Do I need to buy any additional resources or materials to participate?

    No, everything you need will be provided.